Boss — style over and under

If the introduction of «King» and «Monaco» models meant the goal of an extreme productive and expressive ability, the introduction of this over-under shotguns means for Fratelli Piotti the complete maturity.

The full possibility of customization under customer’s specifications, makes this shotguns exclusive and unique.

— Boss — style over and under

— All the components are made from solid steel block

— action and tang from a unique solid steel block

— all the action’s manufactures made by tools, no EDM

— the  shallow action 12g  is 60 mm and the 20g  54 mm

-Sidelocks made in the Piotti’s workshop with intercepting sears and back spring

— demiblock barrels from solid bar (our patent), for the best stress and pressure resistance, integrally manufactured

— special long cone chokes

— all actions are scaled from 12g to 410g