Where we are

via Cinelli 10/12

25063  Gardone Val Trompia

Brescia, Italy

Fratelli Piotti’s workshop is placed in Gardone Val Trompia, in the center of the valley Trompia, known as the world’s main region for the production of sport guns.



Fratelli Piotti are always happy to welcome you for a factory tour, without any obbligation.

A visit at the workshop can be also the chance for a very pleasant and relaxing holiday.

Just few kilometers far from the workshop are museums about the mining tradition and the ancient production of arms in the region. Is also possible to reach the shores of the lakes Iseo, Idro and Garda with their beautyful landscapes, typical restaurants and wines. In the valley are resorts for winter and summer sports.

There are also the fascinating Franciacorta’s itineraries, in one of the best world’s wine areas. In Franciacorta is possible to taste and buy high-quality wines, red, white, roseè and sparkling, in a pleasant and relaxing  hilly landscape.