Mod. Express “Holland & Holland” style

Meant for the most extreme big game hunting scenarios, these express rifles are built with the same top quality standard of our best models.

The closed action can resist the strongest pressure and stress. “Holland and Holland” style sidelocks with back spring. A perfect mechanic construction for a dynamic use on the hunting field.

– Express side – by – side rifle

– Calibers avaible fron 6,5 x 57R to 500 N.E.

– up to cal. 9,3 x 74R action’s dimentions are same as cal. 28

– The action is specifically built for this model (is not a side by side modified action), Purdey style, with internal and external enforcements

– Sidelocks made in the Piotti’s workshop with intercepting sears

– triple locked demiblock barrels

– assembly and finishing are carefully done by hand